The Maynard Institute, founded simply by Bob Maynard in 1977, was just lately renamed the Robert C. Maynard Company to get Journalism Education. Since Maynard’s death in 1993, it has been run simply by his partner, Nancy Hicks Maynard. Her husband was an editor of the Oakland Tribune and she was your first dark female reporter for the newest York Intervals. In 2007, she passed away. In her obituary, Nancy said that this girl was deeply honored by the honor and thanks the inspiration for this delightful gift.

The Maynard Institute’s program can be aimed at training people of color being newspaper editors and press. The objective of the start is to add to the representation of people of color in the mass media. It was founded in Emeryville, California 33 years ago and is nowadays led by simply Evelyn Hsu and Martin G. Reynolds. The start offers fellowships for people of color who happen to be passionate about the energy of the media and wish to do good work in the community.

The Robert C. Maynard Institute designed for Journalism Education has many projects. The Caudwell Periodicals, a collection of personal accounts by simply black media, has expanded into an oral background project. The interviews were executed with the Independence First Editing Center, with funds from John Nasiums. and David K. Knight Foundation. Additionally to these jobs, the Institute has also been concentrating on a documented film that tells the storyline of the lives of African-American journalists.

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